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LF PhotoThe Adjustable LF Series of shelving incorporates classic expressions of form and function. Each model offers a wide array of wood veneered top and bottom fascias and vertical front strips. The shelving system goes beyond its exceptionally handsome exteriors to provide the enormous strength that can only be achieved with steel.

LF1000 The LF 1000
The Adjustable LF1000, shown here in "basic" form, consists of steel shelving, wood verticals, and top and bottom fascias. It is available in any color, finish or size you specify. Thus, the Adjustable LF1000 blends harmoniously with the design scheme of any room and can be made to fit any available space.

The LF1000 is shown here with an optional wood end panel. These panels are preferable when shelving units are visible from the side. In niche conditions or where shelving units create corners, wood end panels are unnecessary.

LF2000 The LF 2000
The Adjustable LF2000 adds horizontal wood fascias to the 3/4" face of all shelves. The effect is a sense of all-wood shelving. In fact, when units are completely filled, only you are aware that it is steel that keeps your shelving from yielding to the heavy loads it must carry for years to come.

Extraordinary flexibility, strength, and graceful beauty help to explain why Adjustable custom shelving - such as the LF2000 - has been specified by nearly every major architectural and design firm in the United States and Canada.

The LF2000 is shown here with an optional wood counter top. When units are below eye level, wood, laminate or metal tops must be specified.

The LF500 (not shown) merely eliminates the top and bottom fascias. However, it remains identical to the LF1000 in all other aspects.

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